Training Schools

The Training School is an annual  program on Econophysics and Complexity, which also provides workshops on hot scientific topics. Participants in the program receive 8 international transferrable credit units (TCUs) granted by the Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest. Click here for information on  the 2008 Summer School
The main partners are:

Summer School

  • The Faculty of Physics - University of Bucharest
  • INFLPR Bucharest
  • HYPERION University Bucharest
  • SBSol Group Bucharest, and
  • The Alternative Sciences Association Romania
  • Institute of Economic Forecasting
Topics regularly covered at this School include:
  • Econophysics and Complexity
  • Quo vadis science and education?
  • New opportunities and tools for business and corporate: Business Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence
  • Management of risk and crisis in the context of uncertainty
  • Cultural Anthropology and Communication
  • Gender politics in science and education 
Other topics depend upon the interests and specialities of the invited speakers, who are drawn from the world's leading contributors to complexity analysis.

Permanent Sponsors

  1. Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest
  2. together with: Faculty of Physics - University of Bucharest
  3. INFLPR Bucharest
  4. HYPERION University Bucharest
  5. SBSol Group Bucharest
    1. Alternative Sciences Association Romaniafile:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Steve%20Keen/My%20Documents/Webs/Carmen/SummerSchool_RO.html qfile:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Steve%20Keen/My%20Documents/Webs/Carmen/SummerSchool.html

Permanent Scientific Committee

  • Prof. Dr. Carmen Costea – Academy  of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania
  • Senior Lect. Dr. Mircea Bulinski University of Bucharest Faculty of Physics
  • Prof. Dr. Anca Gheorghiu vice-rector Hyperion University Bucharest, Romania
  •  Prof. Dr. Mihail Pascu INFLPR Bucharest
  • Drd. Andrei Ionut Relu  INFLPR Bucharest

Summer School 2007